People go for the best and we firmly believe that we are the best, offering a diverse range of packages and also all ears to customized services that clients may want.

We have a robust team, some with decades of experience in the tourism industry. Experience has taught them that preferences of tourists differ and we accordingly make arrangements.

Apart from languages, our guides have their areas of specialization. While some are birding experts, others are skilled in adventure sports, such as self-driving expeditions, mountain and motor biking, fishing, paragliding, white water rafting, etc. Majority of them have scaled some of the region’s most challenging trek routes and are thus proficient trekkers. They are adept in subjects such as happiness, textile, and flora and fauna.

We believe in flexibility. Thus, clients need not stick to the itinerary prepared. After every day we hold discussions with our clients, briefing them about the next day’s program. Guests can make changes accordingly.

Ours is an environmental friendly, sustainable tourism venture. We firmly believe that we all have shared responsibilities, at the national and global levels.

A special aspect of our company is the price we offer. Pricing on all our tour packages is very competitive and includes both our popular package and customized itinerary.

We do not compromise with comfort of our clients. Thus, we always use new luxury and comfortable vehicles such as, Toyota coaster Bus (20 seat, 24 seats), Toyota Hiace Bus, Hyundai H1 (9 seat), Land Cruiser, Prado, Santa Fe, Tuscon. etc.

On our camping treks, we are always ready to face nature in all its forms. Equipped with the best sleeping bags, tents and mattress, the trek will be furnished with lightweight tables, chairs, lantern, candles, toilet tents, modern cooking and kitchen utensils. It will be a home away from home.

In times of emergencies, we can even offer chopper services to airlift you from any area within the country.

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